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5 reasons that you should need a website!

You do not have the headache of having or not having a website! In this article, I will be talking about 5 reasons that can make you think about creating a website! So if...
web hosting affect

How can web hosting affect on site speed?

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and in this fast-growing technology, everything wants to load fast! Nobody likes a slow website, if you click on the link and sit for minutes after minutes,...

Chrome Extension: 5 Best Chrome Browser Extension!

We use the Google Chrome browser on PCs approx. Because Google Chrome is the best and most accessible web browser for most PC users. Although there are currently more feature-rich browsers than Google Chrome,...
about wireless charging

Why you should not be so excited about wireless charging !

Wireless Charging - Technology sounds a lot like hi-tech, doesn't it? A charging pad or charging stand is placed on the phone just after the charge is started. No need to wade any wires, you can...

How can a sudden power outage or lightning damage your PC?

At the time of writing this article, as the weather is going on, there is usually a lot of electricity going out, and thunderstorms can be heard in loud noises. And whether it is...
Noise Canceling Headphone

How Does Noise Canceling Headphone Work?

Why do people need to listen to such high volume music when on the train or on the bus? Or when you're in the market, why does a phone actually speak louder? There is...

Some problems with USB Type-C cable!

High-end devices must have USB Type-C connectors nowadays, and mid-budget phones have also gained popularity these days! - And USB-C but really awesome, it can send data, power, audio, video signals together. So this...
fingerprint scanner work

How does a fingerprint scanner work?

No security is 8% secure - locks can be unlocked, ark can be broken, enough time on online passwords and techs can be cracked quickly or late. So how can something be secured? Well,...
computer algarithm

What is a computer algorithm? A basic explanation!

For those who are not proficient in math or mathematics or who are not in the programming sector, this algorithm may seem quite different. Again today I went to talk about computer algorithms. And...

How to fix laptop suddenly shutting down again and again?

It's really annoying to have a laptop shut down suddenly in the middle of an important task. On top of that, if this shutdown problem continues to be frequent, you may want to throw...

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