5 reasons that you should need a website!


You do not have the headache of having or not having a website! In this article, I will be talking about 5 reasons that can make you think about creating a website! So if you have a business and you are an average person, it is very important to have a website today! Why? Well, now let’s talk about it!


Creating a website is now a simple, easy and low-cost job!

When I turned 25, I had a difficult task of building a website, I had no coding knowledge, no good internet connection, I didn’t have enough money to host my website, and no one had to pay. Was not the way. A lot has changed in the last 5 years! Many people have worked hard to set up a website before and hosting bills could not be made on the website. But this is not all!

Now buying domain/hosting is cheap and easy like water! Here I will remember two types of people. If you have a card for international payment, the best option to buy the domain would be Dynadot (I used the referral link here, you will get a $ 5 bonus when buying the domain from this link and I will also) – their domain price. There is always access and domain renewal. You can do this at a lower and lower cost, where many companies renew after giving many affordable domains in the first year to try to make a principality to sell!

If you don’t have a card to make international payments, if you want to buy a domain from development, I would recommend Axeload – these are local companies and sell domains cheaply. Full panel controls are in addition to renewal value and feasibility. And the great thing is that you can easily buy a domain by making a development payment! Dotcom domain offer is available for only 5 rupees, so you can easily buy from Excel code!

Best for hosting. I’ll keep ExcelNode if you’re a beginner, ExcelNode will be able to meet all your needs. However, as you grow the site, I would recommend you go to the cloud but this is not the content of today’s article! ExcelNode Hosting is really agreed to host price, 24/7 support, the fast webserver is really very beautiful! Read their full hosting review here!

So you can run your first website by spending only Rs 2,000, right? Now with the installation of this website, you can create a website as you want with WordPress and the funny thing is that you do not need to know the lines and code. Follow our WordPress Tutorial here!

Your online existence

A website will maintain your online existence. If someone searches Google by typing in your name, and your website’s domain name is your full name, you will find your site on the first result! Now that you have your site set up in an online resume, you can create an “About Me” page, where anyone can easily learn about you!

Many people will say, if searching online, I will come to my own Facebook ID or LinkedIn page and can be found, then why my own website again? Well, a website is something you can fully tell! Your name has thousands of profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn can have millions of IDs of the same name, but your website will be completely unique because you can create your existence there, it will not be possible from third party websites!

Photo portfolio

Yes, uploading photos online today means everyone understands Facebook or Instagram! But you can also upload a photo to your website and use it as a photo portfolio. In a few minutes, it is possible to create a website using WordPress, think of your own website as your personal brand!

Most hosting providers offer the facility to install automated WordPress. Then using readymade free templates, the website will go live faster than you imagined. If you are uploading regular photos then it would be more appropriate to use WordPress. However, you can do this using a simple HTML template!

Host your files

The biggest reason behind having a website is to host your own files. Yes, there are many different options for hosting files, such as you can use Google Drive or Host and share any file in Dropbox. But you may need to access a file repeatedly after you are out and it is not always possible to log into Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can access your file from your site anytime!

In addition, it is better not to log in to your Google account from a public computer or friend’s computer but you can easily access the files simply by accessing your site from a browser. But if a file is private, it would be a bad idea to upload it to your website. The URL of your site is public to everyone, so nothing important should be uploaded.


Private email

Another factor of having your own domain and hosting is that you can set up private mail on it. ExcelNode also offers a free webmail server with its shared hosting plan, which means you can easily set up your mail!

Many people would say why would anyone handle their mail if they have Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Hotmail? However, there can be many reasons for this. First of all, it’s good to see, everyone has @ gmail.com or @ yahoo.com at the end of the mail, but you’ll have @ yourdomain.com in the mail! Like my mail hello@tahmidborhan.com – doesn’t it look good?

Another big reason is that you have complete control over your mail because the domain is yours! If Google bans your account for any reason, your Gmail will be lost and lost, but no one will lose your own mail. You can create a Jesuit account and use your private mail on the same interface as Gmail! But don’t explain how to set up them in this article, I’ll cover them in a separate article!


You can find more information about private mail or domain mail!

So maybe there was no reason behind creating your own domain or website, but maybe after reading this post, you can see the reason now. May not create a website right now, but the reasons for creating your own site in the future are obvious! And yes this was not a sponsored post, I fully used the services I mentioned and called back from my experience! But I will not ask you to close your eyes and buy, you should check the market before buying anything!




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