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Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar 2021 S01 Hindi Complete 480p 720p WEB-DL

November 3, 2021


IMDB Ratings: x/10
Genres: Crime
Languages: Hindi
Quality: 720p 480p [WEB-DL]
Size: 2GB 900MB
Director: N/A
Stars: Flora Saini,Shrikant Verma, Sudhanshu Pandey
Storyline: The “good life” is just one scam away. This thought takes root in the minds of two friends Bhargav and Siddhant after they read countless news stories of bank scams that have happened in the country and that a total of seventy-one thousand five hundred crores of money has been scammed. Together they devise a plan to open India’s first fake bank. Get people to deposit money and then leave the country with this money. Bhargav who knows all about how to open and run a bank as his parents were bank employees brings together a diverse set of people with the help of Siddhant and his girlfriend Rhea to form a crew to pull off this scam. With the idea of getting away with one hundred crores in three months the crew opens this fake bank in a small town called Hoshiargarh in Madhya Pradesh which is the heart of the sand mining mafia. Using every trick to fool people, from Godmen to glamour they manage to open the bank and raise the money but at every turn they are beset with problems. Motivated by love, revenge and greed with determination they get past every obstacle and race towards their target. Will they get away or will they get caught?


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