Corinthias V11 and V12 MIUI Theme for Xiaomi

Corinthians V11 & V12 MIUI Theme: MIUI is a user-friendly android based operating system that allows you to customize your devices in your own choice. On this website, we have already the Best MIUI Themes from TOP MIUI Themes collection is really awesome.

Today I am going to share the Best MIUI Themes from iOS Top MIUI Themes collections for Xiaomi Mobile. So get Top iOS MIUI Themes now on your Xiaomi Mobile without waste any time. Download the Corinthians v11 Theme for Corinthians MIUI 12 . There are many changes in this Xiaomi Themes or Redmi Themes. If you’re using a Xiaomi Mobile or Redmi Mobile, please use the Official Theme Store link for the better experience.

Corinthians V11 & V12 is an attractive theme for your Xiaomi Redmi device. This Xiaomi Theme will give you an exclusive look at your MIUI device. It has a very clean and decent layout, completely revamped UI, and more cool features to explore.

If you are trying to make your phone more attractive to your friends and neighbor then just download Corinthians V11 & V12 MIUI theme on your Xiaomi Redmi device running MIUI 11 or MIUI 12 with the official Mi Theme Store link.

Corinthians V11 & V12 MIUI Theme

Corinthians V11 & V12


Corinthias MIUI Theme Corinthias MIUI Theme Preview

What’s New:
Corinthias v11 is a combination of new icons, where you will also get to see new wallpaper as well. The theme has also an attractive notifications panel with a clean and decent UI. Along with this theme’s lock screen provide a perfect premium look. Looking for lock screen features, you will get a camera and flashlight on the lock screen, and also theme has a control panel like iPhone iOS, who makes it one of the Best MIUI Theme.

About Corinthias V11 & V12 MIUI Theme
Compatible on MIUI 11 | MIUI 12
Designed by Manoel Baker
Theme Size : 13.3 MB

Download Links :


   Corinthians MIUI Theme mtz file

1. Change your region to India to apply from MIUI Theme Store
2. I’ve tried this MIUI Theme on my Redmi Note 6 Pro running MIUI 11.0.2, and it’s all worked perfectly. However, some themes might not natively support devices with a 16:9 screen ratio, and you may have problems for this reason.
3. Restart your Xioami phones after applying this MIUI Theme.

How to Install MIUI Themes on Xiaomi Phones

Method 1:- Steps to install MIUI Themes with MIUI Theme Store:
1. Click on given MIUI Theme link’s and open with “MIUI Theme Store” or select any MIUI Theme in “MIUI Theme Store”.
2. Tap on the “Free” or “Premium” button.
3. After downloading MIUI Theme simply click on the “Apply” button.
4. Enjoy your MIUI Theme.

Method 2:- Steps to install Third Party MIUI Themes with MIUI Designer Account:
1. First, download MIUI Theme in .mtz extension on your Xiaomi phone.                                            2. Now go to your Mobile Apps and launch the Themes application.
3. Select offline mode in the Themes tab.
4. You can see the list of all offline themes that already exist on your phone.
5. Scroll down and click on Import.
6. After that go to the downloaded MIUI Theme and select it.
7. The downloaded theme will be installed and it will appear with other offline themes.
8. Select the installed theme and click on “Apply”.

Method 3:- Steps to install Third Party MIUI Themes with MIUI Theme Editor:
1. Go to the Play Store and download MIUI Theme Editor.
2. After the MIUI Theme Editor installation, launch it.
3. Now click on Browse and go to the downloaded MIUI Theme and select it and then click on the Start.
4. Click on Next and check the Edit file name or path.
5. After checking the Edit file name or path click on the Finish.
6. Now click on Install.

Conclusion: If there is a problem-related to MIUI Theme installation, then Click Here for a better experience to know about how to install MIUI Themes with full guidelines.
Thank you…

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