Google Assistant will now be able to speak in Hindi also

Google Assistant

Google Assistant 2019: Google event held in New Delhi in India, Google announced that Hindi is now the second most used assistant language globally after English.

They feel that the presence of Google Assistant on KaiOS and the increasing popularity of home speakers may be the reason for the use of Hindi and increasing day by day to further develop the use of Google Assistant, the company has also announced new features for its voice assistant today.


About Google Assistant 2019

The default language for Google Assistant may be English, but now you can easily communicate with Voice Assistant in Hindi and 8 other Indic languages. And you can ask your questions in any of these languages.Now all you have to do is give a command like “OK Google, Speak in Hindi” or “OK ​​Google, Talk to me in Hindi” on your smartphone, Chromebook or Smart Speaker.When listens to your given command, it will switch to the language you have spoken and will start talking to you in that Indic language.

The company believes that this feature will increase the number of users of this app. Especially those who want English as their device language, but want answers to the questions asked in their local language. This feature will prove very useful to them. For your information, Google is introducing this feature in all Android, Android Go and KaiOS devices. Google also announced a few more nifty features for this app at the event, including App Act and Interpreter Mode.

Now integrates with more local services and apps. So users can use this feature within the app with voice commands. This feature is known as App Actions and will be first introduced in Android 9 Pie.

Final Word:

I hope this article will help you the most. It’s a very powerful app in our daily uses. If you wanna learn more about google assistant then comment bellow and subscribe to our newsletter.




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