How can a sudden power outage or lightning damage your PC?


At the time of writing this article, as the weather is going on, there is usually a lot of electricity going out, and thunderstorms can be heard in loud noises. And whether it is Baishakh month or not, a sudden power outage is a birth defect in our country. If you are a desktop PC user, power outages can sometimes be a nightmare for you. If you work on an implant project and suddenly a power outage occurs, the lightning will fall on your head, not in the sky.

Not only can a power outage or a power surge cause the project to dissipate, it can be physical damage to the PC, but what kind of damage can a sudden power outage or lightning cause to your PC? How can any damage be prevented? – The article was created by recording all these issues.

Power outage

Any electronic device without electricity is anything but a Just Toys. When an electrical disturbance occurs, the parts of the computer cannot be received and they stop working. All of a sudden the power can go out for various reasons – power problems can be gone if there is a problem at the power station, there is a problem with the line at home or the fuse burns out. However, due to the fact that electricity generation is occurring in our country and accordingly, the user is drawn to power for a few hours or minutes to maintain maintenance.

However, the PC goes into an unexpected shutdown when the power goes out, but there is a difference between a manual shutdown and a sudden shutdown. Sudden shutdowns can create huge problems. Especially on your hard drive, the bad sector can be created and files can be corrupted.

When you are not using the computer, the computer still has to write various data reads, when the data is read in the middle of the writing suddenly, the current data can be corrupted. That’s why, when you manually shut down the PC, it doesn’t shut down like a TV, but Windows does take some time. During this time Windows first confirms that all processes have been shut down and then the computer turns off.

Now, the power outage does not cause any further damage, but data loss can occur, as well as the hard drive that is in danger of crashing. As a result, you may not be able to read many files, or may need to install a new hard drive. Moreover, if the current goes away without having to save your project suddenly, the job can be damaged and many times the entire operating system can be corrupted.

The solution
See, the power outage in our country is quite normal, there is no solution, but it can protect the computer from the damage. If you are a PC user, I would recommend buying a good UPS, when the current is gone, the UPS means that the computer will run from battery backup, as well as getting manual shutdown time, thus preventing data being corrupted or project wasted. Before buying UPS, you must read this article!

If you have a serious problem with electricity in your area, then it is best to use a laptop, in case the current goes away, the laptop will use power from the battery, as well as no damage to your project. Moreover, using a laptop, you are able to use a portable computer! So, especially for users in rural areas, I would recommend buying a laptop.

Power Surge
Now let’s talk about Power Surge, see, Power Surge means a sudden increase in power. Or you can say the high voltage current flows beyond the requirement. Not just your computer, every electrical item is rated to be able to take a certain amount of power. If suddenly there are many high charge current, any device can be damaged.

Power surges can lead to problems for various reasons, problems with the power station, problems with the transformer, or even due to thunderstorms can cause power surges. Where the power outage is just data manipulated, the power surge can cause severe damage to your PC. If you use a quality power supply, the power supply may be lost if it is too remote, but if you use a low-quality power supply, any hardware on your PC’s motherboard, RAM, processor, etc. can be burned out. Read this article for details about the computer power supply!

In the electric line, the smaller the power surges continue, the smaller the power surges, the more slowly the PCs’ components are reduced, and the larger types of power surges directly burn wood. This is why power surge protection is a very important factor for expensive computers. A large power surge can kill the entire PC within a second.

The solution
Large power surges are usually caused by thunderstorms, in which case the best solution, in my opinion, is to look at the sky when the sky is calling, then open the connection to the computer, laptop, printer, etc. Unless paginated with a wall socket, lightning will never fly and enter your computer. Diameter is the best method.

Also, you can use Surge Protector, many UPS buildins provide Surge Protection, check if the feature is available when buying UPS. Besides, you can buy dedicated Surge Protector, Single Plug, Multi Plug and many types of Surge Protector. Very soon the article on the Surge Protector will be published in the article WireBD.

Whether it’s a power outage or a power surge, these two terms can play twelve different ways on your computer. And you know exactly what can cause a problem, and you know the solution. So have you ever been a thief? Have your pecans ever been roasted nuts? – Can you share your story with us?


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