How can web hosting affect on site speed?

web hosting affect

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and in this fast-growing technology, everything wants to load fast! Nobody likes a slow website, if you click on the link and sit for minutes after minutes, most users will shut down the website and move to a different site, that’s all I do! On the other hand, webpages load faster, provide more engagement, get more conversions, and increase sales! Also, fast loading websites give better ranking to search engines, meaning SEO has a great impact on site loading speed!


I have previously written a detailed article on website optimization to increase the loading speed of web pages. Just 1 or 2 factors do not depend on the webpage loading speed. Even if all the optimization tricks are correct, your site may be slow for web hosting. As I said in a previous article, “Although hosting is not too much to increase page loading speed, hosting is too much!” But let’s discuss here, how web hosting can affect the speed of the site?


How does hosting play a faster webpage load?

Web hosting plays an important role in making your web site accessible to the user’s browser! When the user tries to load your website from their browser, the browser sends a request for your web hosting and the web server responds to the desired page on the browser when everything is fine. Now, as soon as the webserver is able to send the page, the web page will be able to load the browser faster. Read this article for more details; How does a web server work?

Different hosting solutions are required for websites built on different technologies. All types of websites but do not run well on the same type of hosting. Take for example. Your website static means that your site can be run on any serverless hosting created by Just HTML Pages. In this case, you will need good disk speed and sufficient bandwidth support so that more visitors can be paged together!

Once again, many websites are dynamic, they use software to create web pages like WordPress sites! This type of site requires completely different web hosting as it comes to computing here!

What do I need to know about hosting for a site?

At this point, depending on the type of site you have to choose a hosting plan. In a word, by spending more on hosting and choosing the right hosting, your website can be promoted faster!

Quick Disk Speed: Static or dynamic, solid-state drive (SSD) is much faster than traditional hard drives for fast page serving. If you have used a solid-state drive on your PC, you may know the difference! So in case of web hosting, the hosting plan that SSD offers should be purchased!

Dedicated resources: Now this is the most important factor, your hosting company can provide you an impossible amount of resources at a low cost, while on the other hand, different hosting companies are charging 5-7 times more for the same resources. You are more for cheap hosting. will you go? By the way, there is an abundance of low-cost over-sourced companies selling, which means that your resources are shared with another user. Your disk space is shared with others, your virtual server’s RAM, CPU is using more users simultaneously, web hosting companies do not allow you to understand it using their special software, but devote your resources Are not. Your site slows down, even if it has plenty of resources available. Therefore, more resources can be purchased immediately by seeing that they are underpaid, requiring dedicated resources!
More resources: If your site gets more traffic, then you need to buy more resources web hosting plans. The more you try to handle traffic, the more likely you are to have server resources.


Fast web hosting helps in fast page loading!

Fast web hosting is a very important thing, even if you do not have your web hosting fast enough, you cannot do fast-loading sites with thousands of optimizations. Especially if your site has many elements and the number of visitors is very high, by upgrading the hosting plan you will understand the immediate difference in speed. Sometimes sites can also work for this, as many visitors are browsing the site simultaneously.

You have to optimize the website, use different technologies and use a caching system. But web page optimization is not the first and only thing. You have to go through a lot of things. And the important test is that your web hosting plan itself is fast enough?

Again, not only fast web hosting or optimized pages, but if you have many images on your site, especially in an e-commerce site, you will have to use CDN, which will show improved site speed. Furthermore, depending on the visitor location of your site, you need to host the site in the nearest data center, thereby improving the loading time!


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