How Does Noise Canceling Headphone Work?

Noise Canceling Headphone

Why do people need to listen to such high volume music when on the train or on the bus? Or when you’re in the market, why does a phone actually speak louder? There is a lot of noise on the bus or on the train, but we don’t want to miss the great bits of favorite music, so the volume of the music is heard. Again there is a lot of noise in the market, so if you do not speak out loud your voice will be lost in the noise of the market. There is no reason to worry, however, that noise-canceling technology is the only solution to this problem. This great technology helps you listen to music without interrupting the noise of any chase. And if there’s no war between the music and the noise – you can lower the volume of the music player for free. Let’s explore in detail how this technology works.

Noise Canceling

There are two types of technology to reduce the background noise on your headphones. One technology is Passive Noise Reduction or Noise Isolation — one of the simplest and simplest ways, and another is Active Noise Reduction — an advanced technology. Passive Noise Reduction Techniques The headphones are designed in such a way that they fit very well to the ear. No sound outside, no one’s voice, noisy noises can come in to fit the ears perfectly. The earbuds of these headphones are fitted with soft foam or soft rubber; When you wear them in the ear, the foam will cling to your ear, and seal the pores completely.

Active Noise Reduction

Active Noise Reduction Technique is one of the most effective and modern ways to get rid of Background Noise. This technique helps to create sophisticated noise-canceling headphones, and such headphones are commonly worn by pilots. A small microphone is fitted with this headphone. This microphone records continuous background noise and transmits it to the electronic circuit inside the headphone. This circuit plays the background noise in reverse and blends in with your original music. Inverted playing noises generated inside the headphones and the original noises that come into your ear become background noise cancellation, so you can just listen to the music.

How Does Active Noise Reduction Work?

Manekrun is doing any building repairs near your home, so the noise of continuous boring drilling is coming from there. In this case, you read your Noise Canceling headphone and turn it on, and the Noise of Drilling has virtually disappeared. But the question is, how did it work? As you know in my previous discussion, the headphone records the drilling noise and inverts it in your ear and plays with the original noise. But how did Noise disappear completely? And why not make two sound mixes together without making a high sound? Let’s try to find the answer to this question.

Sound is a force that travels through the air in the form of waves. The sound wave is not like the wave of the ocean — you can’t even see the sound wave. If we could see the sound moving, it would be compressing the air molecules in some places and moving them in some places (like a wave or wave being created). Now a sound wave is flowing from the drill machine to your ear. Now suppose at the same time if the opposite version of the sound wave of the drill is heard in your ear, there will be silence between the two versions.

The complete opposite of a wave is to match the original wave of the wave called the antiphase. It creates silence without creating new words.

The last word

Active Noise Reduction headphones cost a little more than passive noise reduction headphones — but they are capable of producing much better music. Noise-canceling microphones on mobiles work the same way. By the way, I hope you know more about this technology from today’s post, and get more proof that you enjoy it more directly. If you have any tech-related questions about this or any of the tech-related questions, please let me know by commenting below. Never forget to share the post.


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