How to fix laptop suddenly shutting down again and again?


It’s really annoying to have a laptop shut down suddenly in the middle of an important task. On top of that, if this shutdown problem continues to be frequent, you may want to throw away the laptop in anger. However, sometimes your laptop is not at fault, but for some of the following reasons, it may be a problem.

Some of the reasons mentioned in this article and given their troubleshooting and, maybe you could get rid of the laptop suddenly shut down this time!

Laptops are extremely hot

Overheating can be one of the reasons why the laptop is shutting down without any warning. Now for some reason, your laptop overheating problem can face. Maybe your laptop fan is dusting dirt, maybe you are overclocking the CPU, or putting a bed or pillow on your laptop for too long can cause the machine to get too hot!

First, how do you know if your laptop is overheating? OK, take your hand in the corner of the laptop, especially the fan’s grille. There is no reason to worry if you fill in the normal temperature in your hand, if the heat feels too much, then there is definitely a problem if the hand gets sprayed out loud!

In this case, take the laptop off immediately, of course, do not use the laptop on the cloth or on a soft bed, in which the fan will not be able to pump out enough hot air. Place the laptop on a flat surface like a table. After shutting down the hot laptop, look at the back of the laptop to see if any dirt has accumulated, open the back lid using a screwdriver and try to remove the dust from the fan. You can remove dirt from the fan by using a computer vacuum cleaner and use.

Another reason why laptops can get extremely hot is that the heat sync is wasted. If the hit sync is damaged, please replace it. And yes, do not use a laptop in direct sunlight, which may cause overheating. If you hear a loud noise from your laptop fan, you will understand “Dal mei Kuch Kala hai”!

Hardware issues

Due to hardware issues and the laptop may suddenly shut down again or cause blue screen of death problem. Maybe bought a new modem, which has hardware issues, then the laptop may be shutting down frequently.

On the Windows 7 PC, go to the search bar and type “Device Manager” – you can easily see a list of all the devices connected to your laptop from the device manager. Some of the original appliances on your laptop such as; Hard drive, RAM, processor, camera, USB controller – Check whether all hardware status “this device is working properly.”

Check if your laptop has been shut down repeatedly, if you have to add a new hardware or device to your PC. If there is a problem with the motherboard or RAM or CPU; No need to panic yourself, take your laptop service center. Especially since the new laptop didn’t try to fix the hardware on its own.

Device driver issue

Do device drivers on your PC handle updates automatically? – In that case your PC may suddenly have to restart. Many drivers need to be restarted on the Windows PC to work properly with the hardware after updating. However, most of the time it will tell you before the PC restart, but many times the PC can take a restart without warning.

Driver Talent – A free and extremely useful tool that keeps all your PC drivers updated and helps you to use the right driver. As well as the Almost, this software works as a great way to get rid of any driver problems. Also, you can check out this article to find and install any driver on Windows PC!


Yes, malware can also cause frequent shutdown problems if your laptop is infected. Not only that, malware attacks can cause many major problems and happen to your PC. Windows Defender is not enough to handle these problems, you need to use a secondary anti-malware program with a well-paid antivirus program. You must always keep the virus database updated, but only then you can get good protection!

I personally use Asset as antivirus and Malwarebytes as anti-malware. But there are better antivirus tools in the market that you can use!

Laptop suddenly shut down even without notice, is really a lot of trouble. You might not be doing anything important, maybe watching a movie, even then the laptop may cause sudden annoyance.

By the way, have you ever had a problem with this relentlessly? How did you protect your laptop from being shuttered in the ground? Please let us know by commenting below!


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