How to Improve Laptop’s Battery Life!


We all have noticed that most of the laptops do not have much battery life so laptops are promised during the purchase of battery life or laptops add-on. Yes, especially battery life-focused laptops are also available in the market, but they are not very popular and do not use it all unless the battery life becomes the main factor in buying laptops.

If you follow some tips, you may not get much of your regular laptop’s battery life even though you have a hardware problem with your laptop’s battery. I will discuss these issues today, following which you will be able to immobilize the laptop’s battery life.

Use the Battery Performance Slider

If you have used the latest Spring Creators update of Windows 10, then this laptop already has this feature on your laptop. When you click on the battery icon in the Windows taskbar, you will see a slider where you can adjust the slider according to your needs and optimize your laptop for best battery life or best performance. What most laptop users do, is to always select the best performance of this slider and get the best performance. There you have to write that if you want the best performance, you will have to do a lot of battery life on the laptop, and if you want the best battery life, then you have to perform some performance certifies.

Use airplane mode as needed

Those who use Android phones or iPhones or any other modern phone, they are all familiar with airplane mode or flight mode. In Airplane mode, all incoming and outgoing wireless communications will be disabled. That means all wireless communications of mobile networks, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. will be disabled. Because of this, a lot of smartphones are saved in the battery, when the charge in your battery is about to the end.

Find out more battery-drained apps

You all know that some of the apps installed on your laptop in Windows 10 are draining the battery. You can check the default settings menu in Windows 10 like Android and iPhone. From here, with the help of the progress bar indicator, you can see which apps and programs are driving your laptop’s battery. Try to use apps that are draining the battery a little bit. Apart from this, clicking on all the app’s name will get some advanced options, including the option to disable all background activation of the selected app. If you do not always need the app and do not need Constantly Background Notification from the app, then you can turn off background activity of your less-needed apps, which will help you to optimize your laptop’s battery life a little more.

Adjust the graphics and display settings

If you use the latest build of Windows 10 and your laptop has a high-performance GPU as well as an integrated GPU, then you can set it to yourself as a specific GPT for any particular app you want. You can get this set when you go from the settings menu in Windows 10 to the Advanced Options Graphics Settings option. You have to select here that you want to use an integrated Intel Saving Intel HD GPU while using an app and want to use high-performance Nvidia or AMD GPU when using an app.

If you use an integrated GPU, you can save a lot of battery. For example, you set the settings in such a way that when you use the photos app or use the video player, or use the Microsoft Office program, the Integrated Power Saving GPU will be used, since these are not an integral task. And while doing other intensive tasks such as using Photoshop or Illustrator or while playing games, high-performance GPU will be used. In this way, if you adjust your display and graphics, you can prominently notice a significant amount of battery life.

Use the External Battery Pack

Currently, the smartphone is used but the phone user who does not use the extra battery pack or power bank cannot be found. High-end Smartphone users use Extra Power Bank since the battery backup budget of high-end smartphones is not as good as smartphones. It is also true for high end or mid-end laptops. If your laptop’s battery backup is not very good then what you can do is keep an extra battery for your laptop, while traveling or at a time where the laptop cannot be freely charged. A battery can always keep the flower charge so that it can be used when needed.

Apart from what you can do, you can have a high-end power backup, which we call Power Bank. Generally, power banks of 20,000 or more millionaire capacities are able to offer a fair amount of charge to your laptop as well as smartphones. In addition, there are modern USB ports on almost all laptops, which allow Power Bank to connect to laptops and charges easily. This is the most practical and most perfect solution for improving laptop battery backup.


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