Some Information About Smartphone Battery You Don’t Know!

Smartphone battery

No matter how high your phone’s specification is, it’s nothing but batteries. And that is the main reason, everyone is interested in how to improve battery performance and long life. Many people also have misconceptions about it as a device’s soul. Let us know some important things about smartphone batteries; Let’s get to know them.

It is a misconception that ‘battery life will increase if the battery is fully charged and charged again.’
Many of us have this misconception in our minds that; Our SmartDevices battery drains completely or 5%; Charge again increases battery life. But those of us who still hold this notion is completely wrong. However yes once was right; Nickel-cadmium or NiCad batteries are used on various portable devices. Nickel-cadmium battery had a bad quality; It couldn’t measure exactly how much capacity it had. As a result, they did not fully discharge and then charged again; There were a number of problems, including battery drain or early battery drain. Therefore, it is better for the battery to fully discharge the NiCad battery or charge 5% and then charge.

But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because most devices now use lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries. Interestingly, the specifications of these batteries are quite different from those of nickel-cadmium batteries. Because if you completely discharge these batteries or bring them to 5%; However, it will be more harmful to the battery. Therefore, in the case of lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries, it should be charged 3-4% only after charging flowers.

Over-temperature reduces battery life

You may be driving your smartphone in a closed room or car for a very hot summer. As a result, your smartphone’s battery will permanently lose some of its capacity. We know that there are very few chemicals inside the battery chamber, they don’t get that much space here. Because of these additional temperatures, these concentrated chemicals are a little wasted; And that reduces battery capacity a little. So what’s interesting is if you use a mobile or similar device in a slightly cooler place than room temperature; But notice that your battery is giving a little more backup. In cold weather, there is not many complaints about smartphone battery in the country.

However, do not say that the battery should be kept in the fridge. There are such bad aspects of overheating; The extra cold can also cause bad effects for the battery.

Battery flowers should not be charged

You may be charging your phone for another battery full of seconds and leaving it at home or somewhere else. Think of it when you are in danger or at any time when the phone is out of charge. However, this is also a wrong activity. Because suppose you store a battery with a 5% charge; The battery capacity will not be 3% – it will be seen after a few days it has increased to 3-5%.

Since the battery is completely a chemical supplement; The chemical status of the chemical is the same as it is given at full charge – after a few days the condition of those chemicals and acid changes; The battery capacity is also reduced. So as soon as a fully charged battery is stored, it will drain.

Using a smartphone while charging is not a detriment

Many people say that using a smartphone while charging will greatly damage your battery. However, it is a whole lot of misconception. Because, when you give your phone charging, does the phone switched on or off and charge it? No, since your phone is on; So in the background, your smartphone is running various processes. And that is to say, your smartphone is always running, the smartphone is always made to run.

So even if you run the phone while charging, it won’t hurt you too much. So use your phone without worry when charging. But one thing is, of course, use a standard mobile charger.

It is a misconception that ‘overnight mobile charging does damage batteries’

I know this idea works in many of us. But it is a technical misconception among us. Modern smartphones are at least as smart as these; When the battery is fully charged it will stop charging the battery. So as long as the charger is connected the battery will not be a problem. However, you can follow another rule for better battery health. If you charge your battery within 3-5%; But that would be great for your battery. And it can guarantee the long life of your battery. So without charging overnight, charge the battery when it becomes 5%; Open it again at 5%, And thus the life of your smartphone battery will be long – and in this case you can always have a Powerbank with you.


Games cost the most battery

It drains the most battery when playing video games on a smartphone. This is because of the CPU of the smartphone as well as the GPU or graphics processing unit; Activated at equal speed. As a result, the battery has to spend more energy. So if you want while gaming; Battery costs less; However, the brightness of the display can be taken as low as you can. If you only play games while charging, then you can play Brightness Flowers or your tolerance levels.

Smartphone’s battery is functioning properly, in many cases you will be able to spend much longer with your smartphone. Most of the problems related to smartphones but with this battery. If we follow some of the small rules from the above discussion, we will be able to guarantee a longer battery life.


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