What is a computer algorithm? A basic explanation!

computer algarithm

For those who are not proficient in math or mathematics or who are not in the programming sector, this algorithm may seem quite different. Again today I went to talk about computer algorithms. And at the outset, I am saying that I am not a teacher of math or computer science, so I have researched all the areas mentioned in the post. Those who are in these sectors, if there is any mistake in my post today, will definitely tell it in the comment section. In today’s post, I will try to present the computer algorithm to you in the simplest way possible!

Computer algorithm

The computer algorithm is made up of two words. One is the computer and the other is the algorithm. We all speculate about what a computer is so I didn’t say anything about it. The algorithm, on the other hand, is a mathematical term. A computer algorithm is a set of commands that we provide to the computer as instructed. This algorithm is used more often in the computer programming sector, but it also plays a significant role in file compression and data encryption.

If you want to work on a computer, you need to write a computer program. In order to write a computer program, you need to write step by step proper instructions. Then the computer runs the program and the computer does your work. The important thing to note here is that not only do you tell the computer what to do with the program; He also explains how to do things. And the “how” to do these things is where the computer algorithm comes in. How do you explain the commands of a program before or after a step, you explain to the computer by the computer algorithm.

I’m trying to present this algorithm to you through a real event. Well, you have a friend coming from abroad at the airport, this time the friend from the airport has to come to your house. And if you come to your home, he will be able to come in 5 different ways. To explain this whole phenomenon to the computer, you will need four (3) algorithms! These are…

Taxi algorithm

Have to go to the taxi stand

1.Have to get in a taxi
2. The driver has to provide the destination address
3. Call Me algorithm
4. I got a call from the plane
5.I’ll have to meet you in front of the airport baggage store
6.The Rent-A-Car algorithm
7.Have to go to the rental car company next to the airport
8.Have to rent a car
10.The GPS address that you enter and follow it to the destination

Bus algorithm

1. The bus number 1 has to be picked up from the airport
2. We have to go down to Mohakhali and get to Laguna
3.Have to get down to Shyamoli and walk along Shirley Park
4. I have to come to the park on the road and come to my house

Notice that the end address of these four different methods is the same, but each algorithm performs the tasks quite differently. The cost and time of each algorithm will vary. Algorithms for moving a taxi will be the quickest decision but it will cost more, while the bus algorithm will be the least expensive but it will take a lot of time. This is how the programmers choose the right algorithm, considering the surrounding conditions when creating a program.

And in computer programming, this algorithm can be used in different ways. And these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. In another programming, different algorithms are used for sorting. Because computers spend a lot of time sorting the command lists of any program properly. Those kinds of algorithms are used for sorting! These are…

Bin sort
Merge sort
Bubble sort
Shell sort

If you have more than a million integers whose values ​​are limited to 0 and 3, your best method for sorting them will be the bin sort algorithm. On the other hand, if you have millions of book titles, your best method for sorting them would be the quicksort algorithm. And without knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this algorithm, a programmer uses the correct algorithm.

In the simplest terms, the computer algorithm is a recipe. Computer algorithms help to decorate a computer program just as we can cook with the help of a recipe. However, it is not only the computer algorithms that help the programmers, but also the non-programmers or ordinary computer users get the benefits of this algorithm.

General computer users (like me) basically get the help of two types of algorithms every day. They are

3) Search engine algorithms: Search engine algorithms are most commonly used by our computer users in their daily lives. This algorithm is used by various search engines to work properly. The task of the search engine algorithm is to present the visitor’s query to the search engine database and present the correct webpages to the visitor. And these things happen in the blink of an eye. This thing is actually pretty amazing.

2) Encryption Algorithm: This algorithm is used to transform computer information in a language that is not easily understood by ordinary people. This algorithm is used in various encryption software. This helps protect important information from hackers.

This was a basic idea about computer algorithms. Hopefully, those who are not programmers like me or have no idea about computer algorithms have read this post and got a basic idea about computer algorithms.

And without programmers, usually, computer users like us will not need to have a detailed idea about computer algorithms. In addition to the above, computer algorithms are spread everywhere in our digital life. With the help of algorithms such as the Fitbit device, we can monitor our health. With online shopping algorithms, we are able to find the right product at the right price at a fast time.

However, in this case the algorithm is indirectly benefiting us. Again, there are good and bad aspects of everything; Just as often the time algorithm is used in this bad step. For example, many use algorithms to break people’s digital privacy, algorithms are also used to drive harmful hacking.

Notice here that the algorithm has no bad side of itself, people are using it badly and at the same time. And at present, algorithms are being taught to people as well as AI or Artificial Intelligence so that they can make our digital life easier.


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