Why you should not be so excited about wireless charging !

about wireless charging

Wireless Charging – Technology sounds a lot like hi-tech, doesn’t it? A charging pad or charging stand is placed on the phone just after the charge is started. No need to wade any wires, you can see details here of how this technology works.

Of course, wireless charging Future Proof is a tech, even though the latest phones have this feature, research shows that only 20% of users use it regularly. But this cool tech has not yet gained popularity?

In this article, I have described “Why you should not be so excited about wireless charging!”


Wireless charging but not technically wireless!

o enjoy wireless charging tech, you’ll need a phone that supports wireless charging or a phone case. The problem is that only cosmetic charging tech can be seen with expensive and especially flagship phones.

Even if you buy a charging case, wireless charging can be enjoyed, but honestly, if your phone has built-in wireless tech and you use the case, wireless charging tech will never be as fast as wired charging. If you use the case, the charging speed may be slower, or it may not work with your phone many times.

The electromagnetic induction method uses wireless transmission of electricity from one place to another. To complete the wireless charging tech, two coils work, one coil is mounted on the charger which is called induction coil, the other coil is mounted on the phone which is called the receiver coil. If these two coils do not fit properly on each other, your device will not charge properly.

And to be honest or technically wireless charging tech but not completely wireless, there is a wired connection. From the wall to the charging pad, the cable connection is installed, not just your phone and the charge.


Wireless charging is much slower

You can use wireless charging if you want to use the phone overnight to charge up in the morning. But if you need to charge and use frequent phones, then wireless tech is not suitable. Wireless chargers are much, much slower than transitional wired chargers.

Currently, many devices support fast wireless charging, but they only support the phone of the same manufacturer. So the Google Qi Charger might help fast charge your Pixel phone, where the Galaxy phone won’t charge fast on that charger.


One more thing I forgot to talk about, you can not work with the phone comfortably by charging the phone on the wireless charger. The phone will be on the table with the charger pad behind, how to comfortably press the phone in your hand? The phone will stop charging once you move away. Forget about chatting at ease to charge the phone wirelessly, and you can not make phone calls without charging at ease.

But with the cable charger, you can do all the above tasks in a hurry, and your phone will be charged faster than any wireless charger!


Wireless charging = Richest thing!

As I mentioned earlier, wireless charging support is only available for flagship phones, and flagship phones are not cheap at all. You may be able to buy a few years old flagship phones for a little less, but their wireless charging will work more slowly, and their processors and cameras have been backdated so far.

Wireless chargers are another big problem. The lowest-priced chargers will probably get 2-5 thousand. But the expensive ones can cost up to 3-5 thousand takas.

Yes, wireless charging has some limitations at the moment, but it is certain that wireless charging tech will not be lost suddenly, so don’t get me wrong with the title of this article. According to a report, more than 3 billion devices will be wirelessly supported by 2021 and will be accessible to the world.

To further enhance the wireless charging technology, companies are trying to find more practical uses where it is not necessary to have a charging pad attached to the phone, which can be charged from a distance. I mean how WiFi Tech works!

Pi, Energous, Ossia – is working on bringing wireless charging tech to the market at greater distances. That means when you enter the room, the phone will start charging, which you can call True Wireless Charging, but these companies have not brought any product to them yet! These are nothing but Just Concepts.

However, in the future, you will scroll through the WBB articles on the sofa, and your phone will be wireless charging, but it is not certain when!



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